Come On, All You Fascists

by Shane Sweeney

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We'll need them now more than ever.

Stand up. Be vigilant. Remember the lessons that history has taught us.


Come on, All you fascists
Come on now, get to work
Pledge allegiance to your circumstantial place of birth
well, you won a battle
because we forgot the war
but there are more of us than you
and we've remembered what we're fighting for

Come on, all you fascists
Come on now, cheer and shout
you cacophony of sycophants you've played on peoples doubt
well you may have fooled them
but you'll betray their trust
(you always do)
well, you may have fooled them but I promise you have not fooled us


Come on, all you fascists
come on now, it's judgement day
I'm calling out the president of the USA
well, you have shown your face'
now I'll show mine
and I will not lay down for tyranny, I will fight you till the day I die


released January 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Shane Sweeney Columbus, Ohio

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